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Canada Express Entry Visa system explained.

Canada has taken some great steps forwards with their Immigration system and has updated their visa application system to one that works better for both Skilled Migrants, Employers and the Canadian Economy.

Express Entry does not replace the traditional Canada Visa programs namely the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class Visas although it is a new way of ‘applying’ for these visas types. Individual states and provinces in Canada will also be able to call applicants forward through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Essentially Express Entry means that those displaying the best skills and the presenting the very best application will be granted their Canadian Visa quicker whereas previously Immigration worked on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Our Canadian Immigration experts are Express Entry experts and best placed to assist you throughout the process, ensuring that all stages are completed to the very highest Global standards.

It is important that you do not submit an Express Entry profile before having your paperwork or skills verified according to your underlying Canada Visa program. For example, if you have a Skilled Trade you must have your skills and paperwork ‘verified’ by a skills assessment authority first. failure to do this can result in your application being struck out as best and at worst you can be banned from submitting a further profile.

The team at Emigrate Canada have a 100% success rate with many Skills and Occupations at verification stage so you can rest assured that you’re in the very safest hands.

To recap then on our Express Entry Application
– Ensure that you satisfy all the requirements of your underlying visa program before creating your Express Entry profile.

– Complete your Express Entry profile. This profile is valid for 12 months.

– At this stage you will need to register with the Canadian Job bank unless of course you already have an existing valid job offer or Provincial Nomination.

– You are awarded points based on what is called the Comprehensive Ranking System and based on the total score (and the total score of other applicants) you will be invited to apply.

– Congratulations! At this point you have 60 days to complete and submit the formal element of your application and the Canadian Immigration Department have given undertakings to process these within six months.

What is the significance of having a valid job offer?
It is important to state that having a valid job offer is by no means a mandatory step in the process; Visa applicants are routinely invited forward for Permanent Residency based entirely on the strength’s of their skills.

When your Skills end Education has been verified we do however recommend that you start the job search in earnest for two reasons:

1. It gives a significant boost to your Express Entry Profile and in many cases guarantees your Invitation to Apply

2. Very few Skilled migrants have the luxury of being able to take a ‘year out’ when Emigrating to Canada; We find that most clients prefer to have a great role organised before they leave their current country.

How can the Express Entry experts at Emigrate Canada assist?
We will take care of the whole process for you from start to finish
Our ICCRC agents and Account Managers will complete all the required steps
We will make sure you have the correct paperwork in place for your Skills & Educational verification
All clients have access to online English test tuition if needed
Our highly skilled Immigration experts (ICCRC) will complete your Express Entry profile
We are one of the only Canada Visa Consultancies in the World to have a dedicated Recruitment Team
Clients have exclusive access to our own Job Boards
Rely on us 100% to complete your application once you receive your invitation to apply

To find out more and your eligibility take our free online assessment today