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Emigrate Canada are fast becoming the World’s #1 Canada Immigration specialists and it’s a pleasure to welcome you here, at whichever stage of the immigration process you are at rest assured we are ideally placed to assist.

We don’t just facilitate immigration—we create opportunities. From individuals and SMEs to the world’s largest companies, we support all of your Canadian immigration needs, all over the world. And with us, it’s personal. We get to know you and your goals—and we guide you every step of the way. No matter where you’ve come from, or where in Canada you’re going, Emigrate Canada is here to propel you forward.

With a truly Global footprint we have been actively assisting Clients to successfully Immigrate to Canada from all walks of life and from all corners of the Globe. Our specialist teams include highly trained Canadian Immigration experts and ICCRC regulated Canadian Immigration consultants.

It really is no surprise that you are planning on emigrating to Canada. With 200,000 highly trained and skilled individuals and families starting a new life in Canada each and every year it is a dream being lived right now by so many. Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live for career, family life and education although as you would expect only the best constructed applications will result in a positive migration outcome.

The Canadian Government is very strict about who they accept and you certainly have to follow the correct process. This process can often be daunting, challenging and time consuming to the uninitiated. Mistakes will almost certainly lead to delay and could even render an application void if left unchecked.

We specialize in Canada Immigration and our passion knows no boundaries or limitation. It is our mission to become the go to Global Agency for every individual or business looking to emigrate and we are fast on our way.

I want to Emigrate to Canada!
Great, this is where we come in. We are often called the most friendly and professional team in the Industry. We only have one aim; The successful migration of yourself and your loved ones (even your pets!). We pride ourselves on our straight talking approach. We won’t baffle you with jargon or bore you with technical terms. That side of things becomes our responsibility. Simply leave the complexities of the process down to us and focus on the more fun and exciting elements such as schools, housing, and shipping.

We usually operate on a fixed fee basis and this fee is dependent on factors like complexity and size of application. Rest assured though that typically our fixed fees are surprisingly affordable, with flexible installment plans.

Your initial consultation is always free and we would delighted to speak with you. Take our online visa assessment for your free consultation, with no obligation.

During this consultation we will confirm your potential suitability for migration to Canada and outline your best Immigration Pathway. We will also cover all the essentials such as cost and processing time and what you can be doing right away to both speed the process and improve your eligibility.

The benefits of our Canada Immigration Visa Service:

Access to your own dedicated Account Manager

Consultations with your ICCRC Agent at all key stages

Leave all the paperwork and bureaucracy to us

We liaise with Canada Immigration on your behalf

Leave arranging the qualifications equivalency process to us

We will organize your Skills Assessment if required including all relevant paperwork

As a client you have access to our online English test tutors

After being called forward your ICCRC agent will liaise with Canada Immigration

We will appeal a decision if it is the right thing to do

Our dedicated recruitment teams will assist with all aspects your job search

We assist with shipping, education, and all relocation services

We can even claim taxback from your country of origin (if applicable)

Take the first steps towards making your dreams a reality by taking our Free Canada Immigration Assessment today.

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