Emigrate Canada Reviews

We love all our clients and are truly humbled when every new individual, family or business chooses to place their trust and faith in us to deliver on their Canadian Immigration dreams.

To us, clients are part of our professional family; Immigrating to Canada is a very long and complex legal process and whilst we take away all of the red tape and bureaucracy it remains a very emotional process at times. This is about you, it’s your time to make a difference to your life for the better and you want it done right. More than that, you absolutely need it done right, and done right first time.

We specialise in Canadian Immigration, we don’t represent clients with any other countries because that would dilute our subject matter expertise and professionalism.

More than that though, we love nothing more than a successful Canada Visa application and we always feature our most recent clients (with their permission of course) on this page. Emigrate Canada Reviews are always 100% accurate and we are verified as a trusted site by McAfee; the largest online verification and security Company in the World. www.emigratecanada.com advise and represent clients from all over the World, from all walks of life and from many different languages and cultures. We are truly international and pride ourselves on having Global Power with Local Presence.

We are dedicated to security, transparency and look forward to welcoming you as a client. Our Emigrate Canada Reviews are below.

  • Top Class All The Way

    What an amazing time this is for the family and I. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting our Canada PR sorted. I knew the process was going to be tough and I’m so happy that I found the guys at Emigrate Canaada. Their professionalism was second to none. High standards throughout and at the end of the day, money well spent. Thank you.

    By John Chesnut - London, UK
  • Wonderful - I Got Canada PR

    Well, I got my Canada Residency permit today. What more can I say. We are having a party and you’re invited! 🙂 🙂

    By Ying Wu, Malaysia
  • Premium Service

    Hello, I am happy to write this review for www.emigratecanada.com  because they have delivered an exceptional service. At the start of the process I thought I knew it all but the first time my application failed because I had done it myself. I had no idea that Emigrate Canada was a Canadian Immigration Expert AND a Recruitment Company all in one. My consultant took care of all the paperwork and arranged my education sign off and then built me an amazing case at Express Entry. I had about 5 interviews arranged for me by the recruitment side of the company but in the end I found a job that  had applied for myself quite a while ago. It was good to have my CV formatted by the team and the Certificate I had from them saying that I had lodged my Express Entry and all the educational equivalency results meant that I got taken more seriously at job search stage. Well done team Emigrate. Very, very happy and will be recommending you to anyone in the future.

    By Lin Yun Ho, Vancouver (originally Shanghai)
  • Very Good

    Very good we were all suitably impressed. We wanted to do it by ourselves really at first by the DH persuaded me otherwise and I’m soooo pleased he did 🙂 🙂 much more work than you could ever imagine. Pay a Professional to take the strain away and get the job done. We have just received our Invitation to Apply. A big thank you to Beth and Rebecca who have been very patient with me xx

    By Mrs Jackson, Toronto (formally UK)
  • Impressed So Far

    Just started the process, impressed so far no faults. I’m a UK Electrician going through the process now. I know its going to be a bit more drawn out because I’m a skilled trade rather than a professional but I do what I do and love it and at the end of the day its opening so many doors for me in Canada. I am the first one to have a moan but have to say hand on heart no faults so far very good information and process. I am happy with my choice of www.emigratecanada.com

    By John Dickinson, Cambridge, UK
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