Nail The Covering Letter

Applying for Canadian jobs couldn’t be easier with Emigrate Canada. We have you prepped for interviews, your CV done the Canadian way and now we will assist you in nailing the perfect covering letter too!

A cover letter will not bag you that all important dream job in Canada but a badly written cover letter may cost you an interview or even a job! It’s most important that it is presented professionally and grammatically correct.

The reason for a cover letter is so that potential employers can see who is worth finding out more about and giving them a positive impression of yourself, we want this to be you!

Below we will give you a great example of how to style and word your Covering Letter giving you the best possible chance!

Dear [Hiring manager’s name]

Please accept this letter along with my attached resume for your consideration for the role of [Job title for position being applied for] that was advertised on [Place job was advertised].

I have previously worked within the industry for [Time period worked in industry], whereby I have developed a huge variety of skills that will meet and excel the expectations for this role.

In my current employment as [Current job title] for [Current employer’s name] I have gained a number of achievements, including [Name greatest achievement relating to your role] which I think will benefit the company.

I would enjoy getting the opportunity to develop myself further within the company and bring further success. If you would like to contact me to discuss the application further or to arrange an interview please don’t hesitate to contact me via [Enter email address & cell number].

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

[Enter your name]

Got any further questions or want to know more? Contact one of our Emigrate Canada experts who will be happy to assist you with your Canadian Immigration needs.

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